First Class User Management

First Class User Management

UserBridge simplifies user management for your business.

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Developers connect to our simple API

Just a few lines of code and your team doesn't have to worry.

Manage your users via our Dashboard

Access and control of data to suit your organisation.

Built-in business intelligence (BI)

Increase engagement and track progress.
Design your own KPIs & milestones.

Data compliance has never been this easy.

The ever increasing importance of data compliance can mean your business might struggle to keep up. UserBridge makes it easy to manage, secure and control your users' data.

With a simple API and comprehensive Dashboard, UserBridge gives you auditability, portability, change logs, revision history, GDPR categorisation of personal information (PII & SPI), "Right to erasure" features, importing and exporting.

Backoffice in your pocket.

Searching, filtering, updating, reporting, analytics, business intelligence (BI), importing, exporting... all on your mobile phone.

Access controls, team management, activity logs, security and auditing all in one place.

API Examples

Storing a new user

  "users": [{
      "data": {
        "firstnames":{"value": "Ada"},
        "lastnames":{"value": "Lovelace"},
        "account-type":{"value": "PREMIUM"}

Retrieving & searching


  "where": {
    "firstnames": { "value": "Ada" },
    "lastnames": { "value": "Lovelace" }

For more examples and a full integration guide visit the developers page.


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