UserBridge Terms of service

First of all, my own personal view of a "Terms of service" document should be to reassure potential new customers and provide comfort to existing customers.

In these terms of service I will attempt to lay out in plain English the "rules" of how people are expected to use UserBridge.

My starting place, as always, is with the assumption that people are good. My intention is to run a high quality, professional service which generates value for my customers. My intention is to offer these services at a price which is both fair but can also sustain the business.


  • The intended use of UserBridge
  • Who can use UserBridge
  • Free use for charities
  • Trial periods
  • Refunds
  • Cancellations
  • Fitness for purpose, (service availability, bugs etc)
  • Customer support
  • Complaints
  • Misuse
  • Last updated

The intended use of UserBridge

UserBridge is a professional online service designed to help businesses manage their users.

Who can use UserBridge

All good people and law abiding organizations can use UserBridge.

Free use for charities

Charities that act to help children or work to solve the climate change crisis will never have to pay to use UserBridge. Other charities may be considered.

Trial periods

A "trial period" allows a potential or undecided customer to try/evaluate UserBridge for fitness of their personal or business needs. Trial periods typically expire, with the option to sign-up to a paid account, or continue to use a free service plan (if available), or to cancel and delete the account.


Yes, of course. I will need to define this better, but basically if we mess something up, we're happy to give you a refund for that month (but let's be fair about this).


You can cancel your account at any time and your account will remain fully active until the end of the billing period - you will get what you have paid for.

This needs to be defined here, but I think it is fair that even after the final billing period has expired that you would still have access to your data. I guess permanent deletion of all account data would have to happen at some point as well.

Fitness for purpose

I will do my best to provide a commercial quality, high availability online service.

Customer support

I will do my best to provide any and all necessary customer support.


Please do feel free to raise any and all complaints to:


I would like UserBridge to be used for the greater good, so I would define "misuse" as anything that could be regarded as the contrary to this. Somebody using UserBridge in a way that it deemed as "misuse" will be contacted with the aim to resolve things nicely.

Last updated

These terms were last updated on: 2019-11-18